Upcoming Tournaments:

September 10, 2022 

Champions Tournament @ Pinelle's Bowlero Lanes

October 1-2, 8-9, 2022

Westcliffe Open Handicap Tournament @ Cliff Lanes

Secretary Workshop 

August 17, 2022 @ 7:00 PM

@ Pinelle's Bowlero Lanes

Secretaries must be present to pick up their league packets. They will not be left at the centers anymore. If you cannot make it to the meeting, please get in contact with Doug or Colette to make other arrangements.

Below is our Local Calendar of events. Be sure to put the dates on your calendars! 

There are some major rule changes this year!!!

1) Sanction fees for the 2022-2023 season are now $30 for all adult memberships and $27 for Seniors and must be paid through a senior league you are participating in. 

2) Rule 18 – Bowling Ball – Altering Surface Bowlers will no longer be allowed to use isopropyl alcohol to clean a bowling ball once competition has started.

3) Any COVID amendments to league rules are no longer in effect. If they want to be made permanent, they will need to be voted on at the league meetings. 

4) We are now allowing shorts to be worn at all of our local tournaments. Please look out for an updated dress code to know the extent of the rule change.

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Bowling Season.